Wednesday, August 20, 2008

More Business Blogs are better the websites Proof

This is an election year.

Blogs became unbelieveably popular for political bashing between the two major parties.

Google noticed this.

Google bought

  • A conventional website can take as long as six weeks for Google to index.

  • A blog can get indexed as quickly as 24 hours

  • A blog Frederick Web Promotions does for you can get indexed as fast as 8 hours.

    Frederick Web Promotions has been there, done that, and bought the tee shirt

    Want Proof to illustrate how powerful a blog is for publicity?

    Frederick Web Promotions does PR work for free for Frederick's own Mission of Mercy

    What is Mission of Mercy?

    Mission of Mercy, a nonprofit organization, seeks to restore dignity to all people by being an instrument of "healing through love". based on an innovative volunteer-based model, M of M is able to treat large numbers of patients with active and retired medical professionals

    Go to

    type in:

    Frederick Mission of Mercy

    You'll get these Google Results:

    The top two listings are the official Mission of Mercy websites
    the next EIGHT are specficly targeted to promote the fact that the Mission of Mercy director; Linda Ryan, told me she needs a volunteer dentist more than any thing else.

    All Google 'garnered' from the *official* Mission of Mercy website is the street address... not particularly useful if you're in need of a dentist...

    What Frederick Web Promotions does for YOU is to get Google to say what YOU WANT Google to say!

    Results 1 - 10 of about 86,000 for Frederick Mission of Mercy. (0.30 seconds)

    From Frederick Mis...

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    Wednesday, August 6, 2008

    Blogs outperform Websites- here's local proof

    Frederick Web Promotions services many local Maryland Companies providing Top Ten Google Results for the keywords and keyword phrases that YOUR customers type in to find YOUR companies products/services.

    Frederick Web Promotions has a proven track record...

    Verifiable results.

    Go to

    type in:

    Frederick Airport Transportation

    What you get is this:

    What you see here is that the blogs I made for City Cab Frederick are outperforming the City Cab main website.

    Business Blogs are hot... Google loves em, and I want your taxi company to have one.

    Call David Bruce Jr at 240 315-1515
    email me at

    Call David Bruce Jr at 240 315-1515