Saturday, December 20, 2008

Local Internet Advertising

Maryland Internet Advertising

Google that phrase; Maryland Internet Advertising

MSN Live for Maryland Internet Advertising Web
1-10 of 11,300,000 results

Now search in Yahoo for Maryland Internet Advertising:1 - 10 of 34,900,000 for Maryland Internet Advertising (About)

Web Results 1 - 10 of about 340,000 on Aol Search for Maryland Internet Advertising

See any patterns here?

How about MULTIPLE Listings in the top ten search results for Maryland Internet Advertising.

Would you like for your corporate website, your small business website, your non profit organizations website to perform like this in Google Local Search Results?

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State Wide Proven Track Record.

Worldwide Proven Track Record

Google these:

Local Google Advertising Results 1 - 10 of about 915,000 for Local Google Advertising.

Yahoo results 1 - 10 of 225,000,000 for Local Google Advertising (About) - 0.25 s

MSN results Web 1-10 of 21,400,000 results

AOL results Web Results 1 - 10 of about 660,000

Local Google Guru (rinse repeat... you get the message)

Not only top ten in Frederick Maryland

Not only top ten in Maryland

Not only top ten in the Entire USA

World Wide Results...

If you want your website to perform this well in Google/Yahoo/MSN/AOL contact our team at Frederick Web Promotions using the form below:

Now let's look and see if Frederick Web Promotions can get you to rank OUTSIDE of Maryland:

Google these:

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Simple steps to Maryland Internet Advertising

This article will be assuming you already have a company website
that you want advertised in Maryland over the Internet. The
techniques described will prove useful if you don't already have
a website.

Search Engine Optimization in Maryland.

The first thing we want to do is get your existing website
optimized for the search engines. What is meant by optimized?

Keywords, search engines operate on keywords, keywords are
search terms. Keywords are what a search engine user types into
a search engine to find what they are looking for.

With that in mind, keywords are what you tell the search engine
you want to be found under. When a person searching for a product
or service types "service they're looking for", they're also
going to type in the Maryland locality they live in.

Where do you put the keywords on your site?
The title. Websites have more than one title. There is the url
itself, that can be considered a title, there is the title of the
page, and there is what shows up at the top of the browser.

So you get 3 opportunities to use the keyword, keyword phrase
and Maryland in the webpage.

If you do not add "Frederick Maryland" to your company website
or company blog, you don't stand much of a chance to being on
the first ten search term results pages if your company serves
Frederick Maryland.

If you want to come up in the top ten Maryland search engine
results, you had better use the word Maryland more than once on
your webpage
. You had better use the entire keyword combined
with the keyword Maryland if you want to come up in the top ten.

Why is that?
Let's say a person needs a to find a printer to get business cards
printed up. If they type "printers" in a search engine they are
going to see links to where they can buy a printer.
So they
get smarter and add something to the search term, for example:

printers in Maryland

Which returns this result:

Printers Directory of Maryland
Printers Directory of Maryland, Find or Locate Printers, toner,
ink, cartridges, printer, cartridge, cards, inkjet, hp, canon,
drives, digital, photo, ...

This is NOT a printing company, it is a printing company
. Why does that come up and not a local printing
company? Because the webmaster doing the search engine
optimization is more highly skilled than the local webmasters.
Rather than try to beat the directory webmaster, I suggest
you use the directories existing page rank to help your
little (by comparison) printing company website to rank

Incoming Links.

How does a search engine determine who gets to be number one
and who gets to come in second and so forth?

The precise answer to that question is a tightly kept secret
within the search engine head quarters, but it's generally
known that link popularity figures prominently in the

The term link popularity warrants an article unto itself and
is beyond the scope of this article. Google the term and see
what wikipedia says about link popularity when finished with
this article.

There are two aspects of link popularity:
The total number of other websites that carry your link on it.
The quality of those websites.

If the Frederick News Post website has your link on it and
the Washington Post has your link on it, which one do you
think is going to carry more weight?

Coming back to the directory being #1 in the search engine.

As a local small business, you're not going to be able to
knock that directory out of his number one spot, but that
also means your competitor isn't going to be able to do so

All you can hope for is to be the only real company listed
in a field of useless links to directories. And how can
you do that?

If you can't beat them, join them. Search for the directories
that are ranking high in the search terms you want to be
found under and list your website with them.

In most cases the directory is likely to have a free listing
option, or offers reciprocal linking.

For now, take all the incoming links you can get, it's not
going to hurt anything, it can only help.

David Bruce Jr is a Maryland Internet Advertising Consultant.
Call David Bruce Jr at 301 363-8206

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Front Page of Frederick News Post!!

Frederick Bike Repair
11 North Wisner St Frederick MD

Featured on the Front Page of the Frederick News Post!!

Now how do you think the Frederick News Post found out about my two young friends who asked me to help them start a bicycle repair business and publicize it?

The Newspapers look in Google themselves for ideas about stories that they can use in the local newspaper. Someone at the Frederick News Post found out about Frederick Bike Repair from the online press release I promoted in the WEB2.0 search engines and directories (which is exactly how and why Ranks at the very top of Google™
Actually I mis spoke... Fills the entire page of Google Search Results!!!

FNP screen shot

There's only 3 entries in Google™ that AREN'T Frederick Bike Repair!

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

SEM = Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing aka Internet Advertising

What exactly IS Search Engine Marketing?

When you look for a product/ service/ something you need online, what do you do?

You look it up in a search engine, Google™ is the biggest search engine on the planet. OK, so what do you see when you look up a company or to find out who in your area performs the service, provides the product you so desperately seek?

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You see a SERP

A What?
A S.E.R.P. is a search engine results page.

And that my friend, is a "listing". It consists of less than 200 characters (including the spaces between those characters). Not 200 words, 200 characters is about a sentence and a half.

In a Google serp, you only get a sentence and a half to describe what it is your selling...That is all you get!

So what does Frederick Web Promotions do?

We manipulate what Google says about your product or service, that's what.

We "Sell the Sizzle, not the Steak!" and we do it in less than 200 characters... that's the most important part.

So what's the rest if manipulating Google™ to say what we want Google™ to say... "by that you're implying that there is something else."


We get YOUR company website to rank in the top ten, often in the top 3, sometimes in the #1 spot in Google™

And there's more (you knew that didn't you?)

Frederick Web Promotions often gets your company website listed 2, 3 or 4 times on the FRONT PAGE of Google™

Wanna see?

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Saturday, November 1, 2008

New Business Blogs for Frederick MD clients

Now Frederick Web Promotions is using wordpress blogs in addition to blogspot blogs.

This is part of an entire WEB2.0 strategy for promoting local Frederick County Maryland Businesses.

Wordpress blogs have different attributes that Google™ likes and helps Frederick Area Businesses achieve MULTIPLE rankings in the top ten Google™ Results pages.

Examples to date:

Will keep you posted to demonstrate just how amazingly effective this advertising tactic actually is.

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Web Design or Web Development is NOT an ad campaign

There are some very specific differences between the following disciplines:

  • Web Design

  • Web Development

  • Database driven shopping cart sites

  • Fancy Flash graphic websites

  • All of the above are Utterly USELESS if you're company/ corporate site isn't getting the right kind of traffic.

    So.. what is meant by the *Right Kind of Traffic?*

    People who really want to buy what your selling... can't get any simpler than that!

    How does one go about accomplishing EXACTLY that?

    We have to divide and conquer first.

    STEP ONE - Get the site to rank in Google
    rank? rank where? rank how?

    keywords, or more than likely for your specific business, keyword phrases

    And to select those... we have to think like your potential customer thinks.

    What precisely is your prospect going to type into Google to find what ever wonder widget is going to make their life easier?

    What wonder widget is going to make their sales go thru the roof (if your widget is a Business to Business Product or Service like mine is)

    Ok, then you've chosen some keyword phrases... now what?

    STEP TWO - we're ready to edit the copy on your existing corporate site???

    Nope, not even

    If not... what?

    WEB 2.0 tactics that's what.

    How does Google decide who gets to be #1 TOP DOG for a search term?

    Quality incoming links that point to your existing corporate site.

    How do you find these?

    OK, so we get some External Sites that are also Quality Incoming now we...


    Sales Copy

    HeadLines... Sell the Sizzle & not the Steak

    Edit the sales copy in 150 character increments... that's the "Bait on the End of your Hook" is.

    Web Design geeks can't sell their way out of a paper bag....

    Listen to me carefully now...

    That 150 or so characters that Google uses to describe your company is:

  • All U GET

  • It's also the MOST VALUABLE "Real Estate" you have access to to sell

  • You try to sell everything and you'll end up selling NOTHING

  • Unless you're WALMART, you'd better pick your battles carefully

  • If you manage a company weather it's a Mom n Pop family biz or a Corporate Juggernaut of a firm... if you market ANYTHING... and you find this line of thought intriguing...

    Email David Bruce of Frederick Web Promotions

    Call Right Now, before your competitors read this blog...

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    Wednesday, August 20, 2008

    More Business Blogs are better the websites Proof

    This is an election year.

    Blogs became unbelieveably popular for political bashing between the two major parties.

    Google noticed this.

    Google bought

  • A conventional website can take as long as six weeks for Google to index.

  • A blog can get indexed as quickly as 24 hours

  • A blog Frederick Web Promotions does for you can get indexed as fast as 8 hours.

    Frederick Web Promotions has been there, done that, and bought the tee shirt

    Want Proof to illustrate how powerful a blog is for publicity?

    Frederick Web Promotions does PR work for free for Frederick's own Mission of Mercy

    What is Mission of Mercy?

    Mission of Mercy, a nonprofit organization, seeks to restore dignity to all people by being an instrument of "healing through love". based on an innovative volunteer-based model, M of M is able to treat large numbers of patients with active and retired medical professionals

    Go to

    type in:

    Frederick Mission of Mercy

    You'll get these Google Results:

    The top two listings are the official Mission of Mercy websites
    the next EIGHT are specficly targeted to promote the fact that the Mission of Mercy director; Linda Ryan, told me she needs a volunteer dentist more than any thing else.

    All Google 'garnered' from the *official* Mission of Mercy website is the street address... not particularly useful if you're in need of a dentist...

    What Frederick Web Promotions does for YOU is to get Google to say what YOU WANT Google to say!

    Results 1 - 10 of about 86,000 for Frederick Mission of Mercy. (0.30 seconds)

    From Frederick Mis...

    Call David Bruce Jr at 240 644-7530

    Wednesday, August 6, 2008

    Blogs outperform Websites- here's local proof

    Frederick Web Promotions services many local Maryland Companies providing Top Ten Google Results for the keywords and keyword phrases that YOUR customers type in to find YOUR companies products/services.

    Frederick Web Promotions has a proven track record...

    Verifiable results.

    Go to

    type in:

    Frederick Airport Transportation

    What you get is this:

    What you see here is that the blogs I made for City Cab Frederick are outperforming the City Cab main website.

    Business Blogs are hot... Google loves em, and I want your taxi company to have one.

    Call David Bruce Jr at 240 315-1515
    email me at

    Call David Bruce Jr at 240 315-1515

    Thursday, July 10, 2008

    Your Company site still needs a blog

    From the desk of: David Bruce Jr of Frederick Web Promotions

    Even if your company already has a corporate website, a company website, you still need a blog.

    A 'corresponding business blog'.


    Multiple entries in Google / Yahoo search results pages

    In the verbiage of Search Engine Optimization (SEO, nerds love acronyms)
    Search Engine Results Pages (or s.e.r.p.s) are what your prospective customers see in Google.

    That 200 or so characters (including spaces & punctuation)are the only bait at your disposal to land that big fish.

    This is valuable real estate in advertising terms

    An axiom in the real estate business is the top three things important to real estate are:

    1. Location
    2. Location
    3. Location

    The top ten Google listings for the keyword(s) or keyword phrases your prospective clients are going to see ARE THE MOST VALUABLE web REAL ESTATE you could think of

    Take a client of Frederick Web Promotions:

    need I say more?

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    240 644-7530

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