Monday, June 4, 2012

Websites Vs Blogs - Nothing Under The Hood

 What is the difference between having a blog instead of a conventional website?

Brochure Websites (a static website) doesn't "do anything"

it "sits there"
Even if it is visually appealing... the code underneath a "website" is like a car without an engine

 A static website is like a tricycle, a blog is a dragster

A company blog "Does Stuff"
... a lot of important stuff, stuff like Ping News Servers
A blog is one form of a website, but it has an extremely powerful engine under its hood

A blog "broadcasts", it is not a static document begging for attention, a blog earns attention from Google due to Google's extreme need for fresh content.

By David Bruce Jr (Google+ Profile)

A website is a sales copy delivery system

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