Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Web Design or Web Development is NOT an ad campaign

There are some very specific differences between the following disciplines:

  • Web Design

  • Web Development

  • Database driven shopping cart sites

  • Fancy Flash graphic websites

  • All of the above are Utterly USELESS if you're company/ corporate site isn't getting the right kind of traffic.

    So.. what is meant by the *Right Kind of Traffic?*

    People who really want to buy what your selling... can't get any simpler than that!

    How does one go about accomplishing EXACTLY that?

    We have to divide and conquer first.

    STEP ONE - Get the site to rank in Google
    rank? rank where? rank how?

    keywords, or more than likely for your specific business, keyword phrases

    And to select those... we have to think like your potential customer thinks.

    What precisely is your prospect going to type into Google to find what ever wonder widget is going to make their life easier?

    What wonder widget is going to make their sales go thru the roof (if your widget is a Business to Business Product or Service like mine is)

    Ok, then you've chosen some keyword phrases... now what?

    STEP TWO - we're ready to edit the copy on your existing corporate site???

    Nope, not even

    If not... what?

    WEB 2.0 tactics that's what.

    How does Google decide who gets to be #1 TOP DOG for a search term?

    Quality incoming links that point to your existing corporate site.

    How do you find these?

    OK, so we get some External Sites that are also Quality Incoming now we...


    Sales Copy

    HeadLines... Sell the Sizzle & not the Steak

    Edit the sales copy in 150 character increments... that's the "Bait on the End of your Hook" is.

    Web Design geeks can't sell their way out of a paper bag....

    Listen to me carefully now...

    That 150 or so characters that Google uses to describe your company is:

  • All U GET

  • It's also the MOST VALUABLE "Real Estate" you have access to to sell

  • You try to sell everything and you'll end up selling NOTHING

  • Unless you're WALMART, you'd better pick your battles carefully

  • If you manage a company weather it's a Mom n Pop family biz or a Corporate Juggernaut of a firm... if you market ANYTHING... and you find this line of thought intriguing...

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