Monday, November 29, 2010

Business Blogs And Facebook Combining The 2 Is Easy

By now everybody knows if you want your business to survive you've got to be on Facebook and other Social Media, few know how to do it effectively. What you do with a personal Facebook profile and what you CAN do with a Facebook Business Page are completely different.

Most small businesses have a website, the most common path is for a business owner to hire a web designer.What they get is more than likely a conventional static website. Shop for a web designer and you can get "sticker shock" very easily, therefore most small businesses are forced to have price be the deciding factor in choosing a website.

Unfortunately there is a misconception among business owners that SEO (search engine optimization) or ranking in Google is included with the fee charged for a website.

So what they end up with is a static page, using graphics much in the same way a print advertisement is handled ... bad move small business owner.

Graphics, banners, pretty pictures, and logos are NOT searchable by Google, Text is.
The outfit you hired to build your site is probably NOT in the copywriting business, someone has got write copy that does 2 things:

  1. Compelling copy that has a call to action (Features are boring, Benefits to your potential customer are what you want)
  2. Copy that has the keyword phrases strategically placed so Google will know where it should rank your new site.
Even if you know how to write effective sales copy chances are you don't know how to write so Google will rank you.

Using a Business Blog in place of a conventional static website is what I do for all my clients, if they already have a conventional website *that works*, then we create a companion company blog to support the existing website.

What can you do with a blog that you can't do with a static website?

For one thing a blog will beat the crap out of a static website in Google, hand down, no contest. 
A better benefit of a blog is that you can load up your blog's RSS feed to autopost to both your personal Facebook profile and your Facebook Business Page.

Which brings us to social media marketing, roughly half of the small businesses I see are using their personal Facebook profile for their business. That is actually against Facebook's terms of service, Facebook can take it down if someone complains. There are major differences in what a Company Facebook Page can do and severe limitations on what a personal Facebook profile does:

A personal Facebook Profile is blocked from Google by Facebook.. on purpose. What you post to a personal Facebook profile is NOT allowed to show up in a Google search results page.

A Facebook Business Page IS indexed by Google, posting your company website URL in a company Facebook Page (if properly laid out) can boost your website's ranking in Local Google Search Results.

SEO is often more expensive than webdesign, a good social media marketing consultant is often less expensive. Frederick Web Promotions is expert in not only Local SEO and Social Media Marketing, but in Effective Sales Copy-writing as well... and right now we're offering a holiday half price sale

We charge $100 an hour, the smallest package we offer is 8 hours of concentrated social media/ local SEO profile building and blog creation, the first hour is free so it's $700

From now until the end of the year we're offering all of the above for half price: 

$350 will get your company a business blog like this one, SEO the blog, load it up so it will auto post to your company Facebook Page, we'll properly set up your Facebook Business Page (create one if you don't already have one) and get your FB page indexed by Google.

Want to see what that looks like?

Local SEO Ranking for IT Services Frederick Md

One of our clients is a local IT services and computer repair shop in Frederick Maryland
and you'll see the Facebook page ranking in Google, and the main website for CWP Tech Solutions ranking in Google in the #1 and #2 spot, there also is the page from an area portal in there as well.
No other IT shop has 3 of the 10 available listings all on the first page of search results.

Will keep you "posted" as more is learned

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