Thursday, July 10, 2008

Your Company site still needs a blog

From the desk of: David Bruce Jr of Frederick Web Promotions

Even if your company already has a corporate website, a company website, you still need a blog.

A 'corresponding business blog'.


Multiple entries in Google / Yahoo search results pages

In the verbiage of Search Engine Optimization (SEO, nerds love acronyms)
Search Engine Results Pages (or s.e.r.p.s) are what your prospective customers see in Google.

That 200 or so characters (including spaces & punctuation)are the only bait at your disposal to land that big fish.

This is valuable real estate in advertising terms

An axiom in the real estate business is the top three things important to real estate are:

1. Location
2. Location
3. Location

The top ten Google listings for the keyword(s) or keyword phrases your prospective clients are going to see ARE THE MOST VALUABLE web REAL ESTATE you could think of

Take a client of Frederick Web Promotions:

need I say more?

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