Saturday, July 4, 2009

Blog Titles are NOT Your Company Name

No One Cares What Your Name is

For marketing purposes you do NOT want to name your company blog, your company name!
You want to title or name your blog for two things and two things ONLY:

  • The product or service you're offering

  • The Geographic Area you are offering it to

  • The article below is geared towards a popular blog platform known as

    In Squidoo (I know, it is a goofy sounding name for a blog), blogs are called "lenses":

    Your title is one of the key pieces of your page that are
    picked up by search engines.

    As you visit a lens, notice how the title of the overall window is
    "Whatever Your Title is On Squidoo". When someone searches for
    your keywords in Google, that's the first thing they are going to

    So make it interesting.

    If you make a lens about American Bobtails, for example, don't
    title it, "I love my cats." That won't get people clicking on your

    Instead, make a keyword dense title. The more keywords in your
    title, the more likely you'll get great results with natural

    So "I Love My Cats" turns into...

    "Pet Owners Love American Bobtails For Friendship And
    Compatibility - These cats are great with kids, too!"

    I read recently that about half of all searches done online are
    done for the first time ever. Using a good title gives you a
    better chance of introducing your topic to those new searches.

    Change your title to fit your page, but make sure you include good
    keywords. Your title doesn't have to make sense, even. Just make
    every word count.

    Bob Jenkins

    p.s. Remember - your title is often the first thing someone sees
    BEFORE they get to your site. So make sure you pack it with good
    keywords to get them clicking to you.

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