Monday, July 11, 2011

What Tone Should Your Blogging Voice Be?

What "voice" do I recommend you use when blogging?
In my not so humble opinion, blogging is NOT stuffed shirt, it is coloquial, it's a conversation...
the reason it's so effective is due to it NOT being "same old/ same old"
You *could* argue that a blogger is less than a journalist, it's somehow "messy", almost "blue collar", and you'd be right... I'm saying that's WHY it works.
There are 2 and only 2 reasons people buy ANYTHING from a salesperson:
  1. They Like You
  2. They Wanna Be Like You
(Thank You Tony Robbins and N.L.P.)
Why is the "tone" of my blogging style so aggressive? Almost caustic?
I'm "knockin em dead" with Blue Collar, brick n mortar storefront small business operations, local contractors, doctors, lawyers, Mom n Pop Stores (it's like taking candy from a baby, the competition is asleep at the switch)

If I want to get corporate accounts, it was suggested to me that middle level corporate managers
Wont hire you in less they believe you're capable of eating your young.
What they're looking for is to hire an SEO consultant who will eviscerate the competition, slay all opponents (after all it's their job on the line if they hire me and they get lukewarm results
... gotta see an ROI from what  they implement or they're headed for the unemployment line
And I've got a problem... you guys need what I offer.. almost no one understands what it is they're purchasing from me (damn few people line up to put their entire marketing success or failure in the hands of one guy that they don't know)
I've got to demonstrate that this tactic will work, Look at my competitors SEO websites:
they all look about the same, dont' they?
there is no way to determine which ones are snake oil
When I look at my competitors, I get the distinct impression they're saying to our prospects:
Trust me, I've been doing this for a long time

...umm, Twitter has only been around for how long? 4 years?
For how long has Facebook been the dominant method of marketing, rendering all other methods impotent?
About a year and a half

Results or Excuses... if you read my blogs, I actually show you how to do this yourself... it's time consuming, if you really wanna do this on your own: have at it
Now if you have a business to run... and want a professional hired killer/ pit bull/ special forces to "eliminate your competitors"
From Conan The Barbarian (I am a guy hence the testosterone filled analogies)
What is best in life?
  1. Crush your enemies
  2. See them driven before you
  3. Hear the lamantation of thier women
A Facebook Business Page is only as good as it's fans participation/ involvement/ engagement.
Turning OFF your Facebook page wall is not only counter productive... it's ranking suicide.
You've got to find something of value to offer your fans if you are to ever hope to get them to post, participate, engage.
For our Facebook Business Page we offer $100 worth of Free, no strings attached, one on one local SEO consulting.. we will continue to do so until we reach 1000 Facebook Fans.
One way of looking at this would be to describe this as a "gimmick", a bribe... I do NOT counsel stooping to being disengeneous, if you offer value, offer something your readership can actually USE, if you put money in their cash registers... does that sound like a gimmick to you?
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