Thursday, November 27, 2008

Front Page of Frederick News Post!!

Frederick Bike Repair
11 North Wisner St Frederick MD

Featured on the Front Page of the Frederick News Post!!

Now how do you think the Frederick News Post found out about my two young friends who asked me to help them start a bicycle repair business and publicize it?

The Newspapers look in Google themselves for ideas about stories that they can use in the local newspaper. Someone at the Frederick News Post found out about Frederick Bike Repair from the online press release I promoted in the WEB2.0 search engines and directories (which is exactly how and why Ranks at the very top of Google™
Actually I mis spoke... Fills the entire page of Google Search Results!!!

FNP screen shot

There's only 3 entries in Google™ that AREN'T Frederick Bike Repair!

Call David Bruce Jr at 301 363-8206

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