Tuesday, November 4, 2008

SEM = Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing aka Internet Advertising

What exactly IS Search Engine Marketing?

When you look for a product/ service/ something you need online, what do you do?

You look it up in a search engine, Google™ is the biggest search engine on the planet. OK, so what do you see when you look up a company or to find out who in your area performs the service, provides the product you so desperately seek?

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You see a SERP

A What?
A S.E.R.P. is a search engine results page.

And that my friend, is a "listing". It consists of less than 200 characters (including the spaces between those characters). Not 200 words, 200 characters is about a sentence and a half.

In a Google serp, you only get a sentence and a half to describe what it is your selling...That is all you get!

So what does Frederick Web Promotions do?

We manipulate what Google says about your product or service, that's what.

We "Sell the Sizzle, not the Steak!" and we do it in less than 200 characters... that's the most important part.

So what's the rest if manipulating Google™ to say what we want Google™ to say... "by that you're implying that there is something else."


We get YOUR company website to rank in the top ten, often in the top 3, sometimes in the #1 spot in Google™

And there's more (you knew that didn't you?)

Frederick Web Promotions often gets your company website listed 2, 3 or 4 times on the FRONT PAGE of Google™

Wanna see?

Call David Bruce Jr at 301 363-8206

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